Exclusive interview with Serbian guitarist, composer and producer Srdjan Brankovic, co-founder of AlogiA band and a number of other Serbian metal projects.

Hello, Srdjan! I’d like to start with the most actual question: how is the work with new Alogia’s album going?

First of all, thanx for the interview. We are not in hurry with the new album. Till now, we have published 2 songs and I think this will be all for 2018. Next year, probably the album will be out, followed with some new surprises. But, I would like to tell you about another very interesting thing — these days we will have another live album out, this time with symphonic orchestra, released by Miner Records.

Two new songs with participation of famous guests Fabio Lione and Mark Boals have already released. Will there be other surprises on the new album?

There will be surprises, but I didn’t say that we will be having some new guests.

Alogia performs with symphonic orchestra. What is your impression of this collaboration?

It is the official Serbian Army orchestra conducted by legendary Serbian Maestro Vojkan Borisavljevic. It was pretty experimental. We also did some songs that we have never played in the past. The latest gig with orchestra happened on 27th of December, in 2017, we recorded it, so (as I already said) the album is ready and will be out soon!

You perform many covers of legendary bands. How does Alogia choose which songs to perform?

In past we were usually playing our own stuff only. But when we started playing in Italy and Austria we decided to add more covers, cause people didn’t know us over there, which was not the case with Serbian crowd. We usually choose the songs that marked our childhood. Some old Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween music…

How did the idea of creating Alogia band arise? What were the first steps of the band?

Oh, it was long time ago. Shortly, after a couple of «Psychoparadox» death metal albums that we have recorded as teenagers, we felt the need to make something more melodic and traditional, with some traditional rock/heavy metal singing. We saw Nikola on a very popular TV show, contacted him and very soon the first album was done. And published…

Would you like to visit Russia with concerts?

Would be great to visit Russia. I never was in Russia. But I would love to. If there are some fans over there, I would love to meet them.

You have many metal projects besides Alogia. Can you tell about it?

At this moment, the most active are «Expedition Delta» and «Numenor». «Numenor» is becoming bigger and bigger, and better and better and «Expedition Delta» is a kind of a very emotional project for me…

You have your own studio «Paradox» and you are the sound engineer and producer for many Serbian bands. How are things going with metal music in Serbia?

Like everywhere in the world, I guess. A lot of bands and musicians with the very small follow.

Recently Bulgarian and Romanian bands «Krossfire» и «Scarlet Aura» visited your studio. if I may ask, what is this project?

Nice question. These guys are great, I must tell you. We were playing some gigs together in Bulgaria and through the years it became the real friendship/brotherhood. This is actually the point of that collaboration that you will be able to hear soon.

The traditional question: what bands and performers inspire you?

There are many of them… But some names and melodies are following me through all my life and it is Iron Maiden, Dream Theater…

Not so long ago new album of legendary Judas Priest was released. I know you are their big fan, and I’m curious to know your opinion about this release.

It is amazing. I really loved the album. I think it is really historical, as it seems to be the last that included one and only, Mr. Glenn Tipton.

How did you decide to become a musician?

I didn’t decide, it just happened. I loved heavy metal so much, wanted to become the part of the scene that I adored.

Can you play other musical instruments besides guitar?

Yes, I play bass and drums…

How do you write the songs? Is there a special recipe?

I have to be inspired… Usually, first I make the demo and then record it with the band.

What is most important for you in your work?

To love what you do and to have peaceful soul.

Do you have any other hobbies besides music?

Seems like music is the centre of my universe.

And finally what would you like to say to fans?

Check out our songs «Semendria» feat Mark Boals and «Visantia» feat Fabio Lione.

Thank you very much for the interview!

Interview by Anastasia Fiorentina (*Power Metal Forces*)