Hello! First of all — I want to say thank you very much for all your projects through the years! You have strong original style, that can always be identified. Its very big pleasure to me to talk such professional and talented person as you!

Jake: Hello! oh thank you! that was big words! nice to be able to have chat with you this stormy autumn day here in Sweden

So what is the main project for you at that time?

Jake: Musically I am fully focused on Cyhra and our second album. On the side of that I run a Management Company named Guilty Gorilla Group and I have just kicked off my Acting Career. My first movie will be out next year called 1% The voice within staring David La Brava (S.O.A)

When we can hear new album of Cyhra?

Jake: We have just finished the recording and is waiting for the album to be mixed and mastered. We are aiming for a release in early spring 2019 which will be followed up by shows all around the world!

What it will be?

Jake: The new album is a natural progression from the «Letters to myself» album. You will directly hear that it´s Cyhra and we haven’t changed much in the original formula!
High energetic songs with great lyrics and melodies that sticks to your brain 🙂

Can we wait more extreme sound, maybes screams or growls?

Jake: I don’t know how many times I had to answer this question but I say it again. Why would I all of a sudden after 15-20 years in the business start Growling all of a sudden?
So no there will be no growls on the next album or any other Cyhra album for that matter. 🙂

Cyhra line up awesome and very surprising. We all was a little bit shock to hear this people on debut Cyhra. How did you get all this wonderful musicians?

Jake: Yes we have a phenomenal band and I have never ever played in a band with this kind of chemistry before, and I am so proud of what we have created together!
Me and Jesper have been friends since back in time when I was In Flames Pyrotechnician

How is it like to play with such legendary musicians?

Jake: I always have to pinch my arm from time to time when I realize that I am sharing the same stage as Jesper 😉

How can you call style of Cyhra?

Jake: I have never been a fan of putting music into specific «draws» But I guess you can categorize Cyhra under some kind of melodic Metal?
Fans of In Flames and Amaranthe will probably hear a lot of similarities as both me and Jesper was songwriters in our old bands.

What means name Cyhra? Why did you decide to choose such strange name?

Jake: It’s a made up name that is based on a Persian word. I just thought it looked and sounded great and when I showed it to Jesper he directly said that is IT.

Cyhra has great and very beautiful music. I like every bit if it sound! Can say a little track by track about every song:

1. Karma 03:28 Last song we wrote for the album before we entered the studio, it became the first single and has that «Jesper melody» you wanna hear again and again.
2. Heartrage 03:26 Amazing song that is probably one of the most challenging songs I’ve ever sung in my whole career.
3. Here to Save You 04:00 My favorite song to play live! so energetic and the fans love it!
4. Muted Life 03:35 A Linkin park flirt that has an amazing lyric
5. Closure 05:00 «I am the child from the stars that got lost in the dark between heaven and hell I am forced to live on» I am proud about this line as it represents so much of the lyrics on the whole album!
6. Letter to Myself 03:46 Title track that has an Awesome opening riff!
7. Dark Clarity 04:06
8. Holding Your Breath 03:23 This song was written for the Amaranthe — Maximalism album. I am happy now that they didn’t like it so that I could do it on my own! I think it shows my vocal range in a good way too.
9. Rescue Ride 03:16 One of the faster songs on the album that always works great live.
10. Black Wings 04:02 a really emotional song that you should listen to with headphones on loud volume.
11. Inside a Lullaby 03:18 The ballad that I am very proud of!
12. Dead to Me 04:06 This song was one of the first songs that we wrote and it has this spoken part in the intro that has been working extremely well as a live intro.

That was a big shock when you left Amaranthe. So why did you do that?

Jake: The reason I left Amaranthe is a Long story, But I founded that band and was one of the main writers together with Olof. I guess that most people understands that leaving such a successful band has some extraordinary reasons.

I think Amaranthe become more commercial rock music in recent times. Who moving band in such direction?

Jake: What the band is doing after my departure is none of my business

But, new song of Amaranthe surprisingly more metal! It was surprise!

Jake: ok

Talking about Amaranthe – there was so much big and highlight thing. Will be remember it for all life. How do you think do they have the same success after split with you?

Jake: I wish them all the best.

Will it be your music in new Amaranthe album?

Jake: No

Do you still in touch with Amaranthe band members?

Jake: The only person I have spoken to recently is the guy that took over after me, Nils Molin from Dynasty.
Amazing singer and a great pic as my replacement!
He is also a great guy that knows what he’s doing.

Any ideas to call some female singer in Cyhra in direction of Amaranthe?

Jake: I have no plans of sharing the vocal duties with me at this point.

What about Dreamland . Can we hear someday their new album?

Jake: We have been working on a follow up to «Exit 49» for 10 years so there will be a new album but I don’t know when 🙂

Do you like times been in Dreamland?

Jake: Hell yes! we are all great friends and we actually have a show next week! I love playing in Dreamland and we always have a lot of fun together!

Don’t you miss it more activity with this band?

Jake: I do! but I was always trying to find a way to have music as a job. Unfortunately Dreamland was never a big success and I therefore had to put all my focus on Amaranthe.

First two Dreamland albums were great true power, but then you made Amaranthe. How you start this idea?

Jake: Yes it was. Amaranthe was a project that was just ment to release an album with guest musicians but it became a success and the rest is history.

Don’t you like true power anymore?

Jake: The only power metal I listen to these days is probably Helloween.

You also sang in Dignity. What can you say about this band and that album?

Jake: Amazing album! great songs and great guys.

Why did you left them?

Jake: Weird story really. I was never ment to be in the band. I was only ment to sing on the album. we did some shows but at one of them I cough a bad throat infection and couldn’t make it. After that the band decided to continue without me.

Ok. Few special powermetalforces.top questions. What metal means for you?

Jake: I love the metal community. it’s like a big family and the fans are the best!

Imagine as some big man said that heavy metal is dead. What did you replied on it?!:)

Jake: I’d say well let’s go change that then 🙂

Thank you for your answers! Do you want to tell something to your fans?

I hope you like Cyhra and don’t forget to check out our social media / videos and music!
Hope to play in an area close to you soon!

Questions by GraveDigger