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Hello! Congratulate you with release of second Powertribe CD «Prepare For Battle». This is good and strong effort!

Whats the latest news you can tell to all fans of PowerTribe? 

We are excited because one of our songs (Machine Gun Opus) will be in a new apocalyptic movie called «Black Flowers». It will be so cool to see a movie and hear your song in the background so we are very happy about this. Next, we have a show coming up with Dokken in Los Angeles and we are really looking forward to it because we have never played with them before. We always love playing in Los Angeles. Also, we are currently working on new music videos.

What the plans of PowerTribe for future? 

To keep increasing and growing stronger in all areas as a band; to increase our fanbase by making good music; increasing our promotions so that more people can know about us; writing and creating new music for the next CD; and continuing to play shows in support of the «Prepare for Battle» CD.

Please, tell your fans:

— on how PowerTribe came to life 

It was formed out of Darren Stroud, the guitarist, wanting to perform his original guitar instrumental music to a live audience. Darren and Missy had worked together in a previous band. They started looking for a drummer and they found John Chominsky through mutual friends … and the band was born. They started playing live shows. In the beginning, they were mostly an instrumental progressive rock guitar band and they loved playing Darren’s original music — and it seemed that people loved watching and hearing PowerTribe too. So the shows increased and they kept going. Then, Darren, John, and Missy evaluated the style and decided to go HEAVY METAL because they Love Heavy Metal. They all three loved the new direction and decided to create the music.

— on meaning of PowerTribe name 

The Positive Force & Energy of a group. We wanted a strong name and a positive name. We are not a Dark band. Although our lyrics might feel like a «doomsday» direction, our lyrics are about surviving well and staying strong.

We use the computer POWER button as part of our logo. That button turns the electronic world ON and turns the world OFF. It is Absolute POWER. The Power Button is designed with the Stick and Circle — or should we say Ones and Zeros as in the Binary Code. Circles and Sticks are what comprises all of Life. It is the study of Opposites and it is what creates us. All of the universe are Ones and Zeros (sticks and circles). We are the binary continuum of existence. So we thought the Power button was really good at representing the band as a logo since we LOVE Heavy Metal and Astrophysics. So, we just placed a «P» and a «T» inside of the power symbol for PowerTribe. The name PowerTribe also has a specific font (Papyrus) which is also a logo as well and has a deeper meaning for us.

— on your possible work in finding label and releasing «Prepare For Battle» across the world 

We’d love to team up with a label and get our music exposed to a wider audience. We’ve had such positive feedback so far and our «tribe» is steadily growing, but it would be great to have an institution help us get our music to more listeners. We are approaching and talking with labels and promotional companies, but at this point, we are happy to do it ourselves until we find the right fit.

— on what fans can hear on album «Prepare For Battle» 

Our music is more classic heavy metal with lots of guitar riffs and melodic vocals with thundering drums and higher-caliber guitar solos. We hope our fans hear something unique in the melodies and the presentation of the music. We hope they find it to be high quality music.

— on writing and recording process of album «Prepare For Battle» 

The writing was a collaborative effort, but mostly born out of the guitar riffs of Darren Stroud. Darren would usually start with the layout of the song. He had some song ideas that he recorded onto a demo — which each of the band members were given a copy to listen to.

They would all contribute their ideas to help shape it into what became more of an all-collective effort. Missy wrote the lyrics and expanded on the music. Darren and Missy shared melodic ideas during another demo recording process. And this demo was then given to John Chominsky who created his drum ideas for the music and energy of the songs.

They all three created the arrangement of the songs and once the arrangement had been solidified, they recorded the drums in Los Angeles first. Then the guitar, bass, vocals, and finally keyboards were all tracked in Colorado.

The band worked together on the final mixing and mastering to get what you hear today on the «Prepare for Battle» CD. It seems like a long process, but it was actually very quick and efficient.

— on lyrical concept of «Prepare For Battle» 

The lyrics were derived out of Missy Percifield’s fascination with the concept of «The Last Days» and «The End of the World As We Know It». She has many thoughts and concepts on apocalyptic themes that she gets to utilize for the PowerTribe music. She loves the ideas of Survival and Rebuilding.

— on cover art concept of «Prepare For Battle» 

The cover art was created to coincide with the lyrical concept of the CD. Missy did the artwork and the concept was about «survival» as the band members are coming out of wrecked buildings, fire, and war. The back is about surviving radiation and an alien invasion — so every possible scenario is addressed in the wreckage of art.

— on how band progressed on «Prepare For Battle» in compare with previous album 

The previous album was mostly original guitar instrumental rock music. It had 8 instrumental songs and 2 vocal songs. On the «Prepare For Battle» CD, we changed our style to heavy metal and it has 8 Vocal songs and 2 instrumental songs.

— on who was involved in writing process of album 

This is a collaborative effort among Darren, John, and Missy.

— on most successful live show of PowerTribe 

We have had several shows with John5 and they have all been special, but our first show with John5 was very special.

— on sharing stage with Dokken 

We are looking forward to that show. We haven’t played with Dokken before. It will be killer.

— on most funny and terrible thing in life of PowerTribe 

The Life of PowerTribe is pretty stable. We all three get along very well and are agreeable. It is very easy for us to be productive without any setbacks or drama. Because of that, we are really able to focus on JUST the music. We seem to have similar horizons when it comes to music. What makes PowerTribe be so stable is that we respect each other and each of us have abilities that help propel the band. So we have yet to experience extreme conditions in the Life of PowerTribe.

— on influences on PowerTribe music 

We are not one of those bands that live in the past too much. We do get more of our current inspiration from listening to the radio and checking out what new bands are up to. There is so much great music out there. However, if we were to say what could have influenced us from past bands (and bands of today that we are listening to as well), we would say Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Nightwish, Arch Enemy to name a few. We are trying to take our favorite things from everything we hear and make them into our own sound, and yet we are always looking to evolve.

— on possible influences of Zed Yago and Wheinhold on music and vocal parts of PowerTribe 

We are not familiar with those artists, but now that they have been mentioned to us, we will definitely take a listen. It is easy to be influenced by everything you hear so we will take a listen to these artists … especially if people think we may sound like them. That is a good thing and a compliment.

— on progressive metal elements in «Prepare For Battle» 

Any progressive band elements stem from John Chominsky, the drummer. He comes more from a prog-rock background, so he was into bands like Rush, Dream Theater, Queensryche, and bands like that. And those influences naturally transpire into the music.

— on reactions of press on «Prepare For Battle» 

The press has been awesome and extremely fair in comments in reviews, regarding the «Prepare for Battle» CD. There has been lots of positivity, and any criticism has been very constructive and gives us guidance for the future. We are often surprised and humbled in a good way — by what is said.

— on influences of you as guitarist 

DARREN: Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jon Schaffer, Michael Amott

— on influences of you as drums

JOHN: I’m a big fan of drummers like Mike Portnoy, Neal Peart, Gavin Harrison, and Danny Carey, but I also studied Jazz at Berklee College of Music in Boston and at a bit of funk at Drummers Collective in New York City. My teachers and other peers/students definitely opened my eyes (and ears) to a wider scope of drumming and overall musicianship that taught me to think outside of the box.

— on either difficult to Missy doing both vocal and bass duties 

MISSY: It mostly comes naturally to play bass and sing because I am a piano player using both hands that do different parts. But it sometimes can be difficult. So sometimes, I have to change a bass line or vocal line so that I can do both. But I am working on getting better at multi-tasking.

— on possible future album, its release date and expectations from its material? 

We hope to have a new album out in the summer of 2020. And PowerTribe will be going heavier on the next CD, but still retaining our melodic sensibilities.

And special for fans can you make a little comment on every song of «Prepare For Battle»?

1.The Living Envy the Dead 05:20— This is Darren’s favorite title of a PowerTribe song.

2.Invisible 05:25— Missy is 4’10» tall. She envisions that she can hide very well.

3.Flight of the Enochians 04:50— This is Darren’s most fun Instrumental song to play LIVE. It is fun for him because it is challenging and he loves a challenge on the guitar.

4.Prepare for Battle 05:14— This is John’s favorite song to play LIVE. John loves the energy of playing «Prepare for Battle».

5.Kill Feed Sleep Repeat 06:08— This is Missy’s favorite song to sing because she likes to say «KILL» really loudly.

6.I am here Alive 05:23—Some people think this song is political, but it is not. It is a post-apocalyptic circumstance where you find you have survived the «end of the world as you know it». You are looking at the aftermath, thinking about what caused it, and surprised by your existence and wondering how you got there.

7.Burn the Fear 05:37— This is about facing life Fearlessly. And the traps that you can face when YOU have Fear or deal with someone that has fear. We love the energy of this song.

8.Arise 04:57— This is a song that Missy wrote for the Aliens 🙂

9.Machine Gun Opus 04:12— Listen for this in the Black Flower’s Film. John and Missy find this one to be the most technically-challenging PowerTribe song.

10.PowerTribe 07:16 — This song is the sum of all things that are PowerTribe and truly represents what the band is about.


by DARREN: «This is my favorite CD that I have ever been involved with. This is me truly going back to my roots that had me playing guitar in the first place. And I absolutely enjoy playing this music more than any other music I have been involved with.»

by MISSY: «I love singing all of these songs because I wrote the words hahaha! Seriously, these words mean a lot to me and the music really gets me in my heart. I didn’t realize how much of a Metalhead I truly am. I am learning more day by day that I have METAL in my veins.»

by JOHN: «I’m so proud they they all have uniquenesses to them. I’m always disappointed when a band puts out an album and it sounds like 10 versions of the same song. I mean, I think as a band, we sound like ourselves, but each song is a different flavor of PowerTribe.»

Few special power metal forces questions:
on what are PowerTribe members like behind the scene: do you have families, hobbies, usually work, do you like alcohol?

DARREN: I’m a total guitar geek. When I am not working on PowerTribe, you will find me building guitar amps AND modifying my guitar amps, pedals, and guitars, AND reading about amps, pedals, and guitars & recording gear. When I am not modifying or building amps, pedals, and guitars … I am usually playing the guitar. Oh, and I don’t drink alcohol.

JOHN: I’m the one in the band that you’ll find over at the bar after our set 😉 I’m a big beer and scotch guy. I’m really into sports too. Specifically hockey. I’m a family guy, so when I’m not busy with band-stuff, you might catch me at a hockey rink drinking a beer while watching my boys play ice hockey. If only the rink might crank some PowerTribe through the PA at the same time………..I’d be in heaven 😉

MISSY: I am the nerd of the group. I’m allergic to alcohol … I turn purple with white blotches all over my skin. I read all the time. I study everything from science to scriptures. I love learning new things. I love martial arts and have been trained in different martial art forms, but I can’t do both music and martial arts because it is hard to play musical instruments with broken hands. So … I love watching UFC.

On your 5 favorite heavy-power albums ever

In no particular order: Iron Maiden Number of the Beast, Accept Balls to the Wall, DIO Holy Diver, Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II, Judas Priest PainKiller

Imagine as someone big tell you that heavy metal is dead! What did you replied on it?!

DARREN: I would say, «HEAVY METAL will NEVER DIE because it has the TRUEST and Most Convicted & Dedicated FANS of any MUSIC Style!»

MISSY: … Missy just falls to the floor and starts laughing uproariously … 

JOHN: I would say, «Heavy Metal is more of a mindset. So as long as people are being true to who they are, being happy in life, and listening to the music they truly love…….heavy metal can never die.»

Ok! Thanks for answers! Want to tell something to your fans? 

First of all, we are honored to be interviewed by Grave Digga. It was a surprise when the «Prepare for Battle» CD was reviewed, but even better when asked for an interview. So THANK YOU, Grave Digga!

Fans, we truly appreciate you and the support that we receive from you. Please keep your eyes on us, and see where we are and where we are going to. We are still new and we hope you help spread the word about us. You truly inspire us to want to be better and we just hope to give you some joy and happiness in your lives with our music.

  • Darren, John, Missy of PowerTribe


Questions by Grave Digga

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