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Hello! As a big fan of your previous album «On High Wings We Fly» I am very glad then you back with a new music and I congratulate you with finishing work of your new album «Steel Engraved»!  In prior to this release i want to ask certain questions:

On big pause between future and past album

Unfortunately we had a few changes in the line up. Mostly because of the jobs of 2 members. Marco (vocals) and me were not sure if we have the chance to bring the band on that level again. It is sometimes not easy for an underground band to recognize what might be the right next decision. So we concentrated to be live on the road (for several years meanwhile) before we work on new material. But we never stopped writing songs.

On future album «Steel Engraved»

After the release of ON HIGH WINGS WE FY in 2012 we definitely had a great time while touring through whole Europe and playing a couple of nameful festivals. In between there happened a lot of things. There were ups and downs, surely based on changing band members. The current lineup is the band’s strongest ever. And this influence is clearly to hear. We can say we had a new beginning based on a change that justifies a self title.

On what fans can expect from album

I think STEEL ENGRAVED got developed in a more modern way and in a little bit more progressive sound. But the melodic power metal character of the band — mostly because of Marco – has been kept. ON HIGH WINGS was produced by Geoff Thorpe (Vicious Rumors) and was mixed and mastered by Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios in California. The album definitely had a great touch of US Power Metal style, mixed with melodic songs. That was huge! Especially the doubled voices made it sound mean. The current album is definitely “germanized” in its style with a mix of progression. And I like it as well!

On its cover artwork

The cover art was created by Dusan Markovic for Dusan Markovic Arts. All in all we had pretty much input on it, most of the ideas came from the band. But Dusan made in really huge. The wolf was Dusan’s idea. Another cover idea was ready as well done by Stripe for Artwork (he designed the artwork from “On High Wings We Fly”). I must say I liked it as well.

On work as producer and vocal guest of Ralf Scheepers

Working with Ralf definitely was one of the most exciting experiences in the producing process. He freshed it up and made Marco generate incredible things. It was one of the best decisions. An external producer – and maybe just for vocals – can cause another point of view to the album. And that’s sometimes very important for an album production. We really had a great time with Ralf. And a lot of fun, too.

On your favorite songs on album and lyrical concepts of the songs

There is “Where Shadows remain” containing the ode to a silent hero who does not expect anything for his feat…no golden thrones in a world full of madness… and this phrase maybe draws the red thread through the complete album. As the same in “Rebellion” which contains the topic of modern slavery. People who are slaves and even don’t know about it, influenced by just a few who try to divide the world into black and white. My favorite songs are Where Shadows remain, The Oppressed and Generation Headless.

On the band’s songwriting process for album

The whole band was involved in writing the songs. The working process might take a little more time and can have different results. But there was no struggle or something like that, the band acts on a very professional level according to that. The sound engineers might have another opinion towards that . No, the result of the whole album was not that different at all as on the last one. Single songs have a touch of a different style. But that makes the album interesting. And I’m proud of that whole band’s work

On your involve on songwriting process of album

I did Where shadows remain (together with Daniel), Nightwarriors, The Oppressed and Heat. Marco did all Vocals.

On how the band’s sound progressed on its album

There are several progressive parts on the album. First it sounds more modern like ON HIGH WINGS, we used a little bit more synthie sound on STEEL ENGRAVED. Further on the hooks and arrangements are quite different to the former one.

On differences in work between previous band producer Geofe Thorpe and new ones Mario Lochert and Jan Vacik

We had great sound engineers at the Dreamsound Studios in Munich. Mario and Jan (Dreamsound Studios, Serious Black) are running the Powermetalband Serious Black and have of course their imaginations of how a german powermetalband should sound. And we were very proud that the natural recorded drum sound was kept. But the main influence came from the members of course. So you can say it is a natural development influenced by the band members. Tom (guit) and me grew up with classic metal, influenced by NWoBHM and typical german powermetal. Daniel (previous drums) who had pretty much parts written is more influenced by modern and progressive sounds. It’s a great mixture.

A few historical questions:

On how band Steel Engraved came to life

We started in 2006. Most of us played in several bands. Mostly coverbands, e.g. Marco and me had a Judas Priest coverband. But our claim has always been writing own songs.

On classified Steel Engraved as heavy or power metal band

We never thought about a classification. I think STEEL ENGRAVED today is a power metal band with progressive influences. But we definitely grew up with classic heavy metal like NWOBHM and power Metal.

On bands present live activities

Playing live is definitely essential for the band. And it’s strong in doing that!

On sharing the stage and backstage with Accept, Queensryche and Edguy

Every single shows was a great experience. We always had fun and the bands were all very kind to us. I can’t remember that there were some greater problems. Of course our tour with ICED EARTH was special.

On most successful Steel Engraved live show

There were several, haha! But I can remember that we were really nervous before playing the first time in an English speaking country, it was London. A few days later 70k. I remember London was the best of the tour, absolutely amazing crowd. 70 k as well.

On about what metal means for you

That’s easy. Like every Metalmaniac’s experience. If Metal got you ever, you’ll never get away from it. We are band and fans as well.

Special powermetalforces question: Imagine as some big man said that heavy metal is dead. What did you replied on it?!:)

Take a look on the answer of question 9. There will always be people going to metal shows worldwide. In a few regions more, in a few regions less. We do not care much about mainstream things or something like that. If there are people at our show who liked it we are really pleases. It does not depend on a number. Sometimes you have 100 people, sometimes 10000 or even more. For smaller bands like we are it could be deadly if Metal grows 100% socially acceptable like pop or something like that. No, Metal is not dead. The only thing is that some people could say that they do not earn that much money like earlier.

Thank you for your answers! Do you want to tell something to your fans?

Yes, we want to thank everybody who supports Metal, who supports STEEL ENGRAVED everywhere in the world. We really are looking forward to you and hope to see you soon on the stages! And keep on rockin’!!

Questions by Grave Digga