Hello! I congratulate you with release of your new solo album! That’s great as always! That is so big honor for me to talk to such legend as you!

How are you?!

Hell0 and thank you for the interview I’m doing well

What’s the hottest news?

Well? I’m currently touring as special guest opening for UDO in Europe a total of 24 shows!

What is press reactions on «Resilient Heart»?

It’s been very good I’m very happy how well it’s been received.

Any ideas about releasing future CDs with other projects or future solo album?

Yes, I’m currently writing another solo album I’ve decided to keep the sound of Resilient Heart but go a slightly heavier direction. I’m also recording vocals on the next John Steel album which is killer! I also wrote and sang on Christian Tolles last album.

Please tell us:

On work with Andy Susemilh, mostly known for his works with U.D.O

He’s a monster talent! We’re very good friends. Actually we’re cowriting some songs together now maybe someday they will be released? But he’s probably one of the greatest guitarists in the world.

On about becoming of Bonfire singer

I met Ziller through Michael Voss.

On about leaving Bonfire

I have to say that Ziller is one of the most corrupt people I’ve ever met. He’s very good at manipulation with people but now everyone sees what a con artist he really is.

On albums of Bonfire with you

Glorious is a great album.

On your opinion about cooperation with Bonfire

At first it started off well, again when Ziller wants something he can be very friendly. But in the end you realize what he’s really like and it’s not a healthy situation to be in. I am a singer because making music is supposed to be a joy but he manages to take all the joy from music. I was warned by Lessman about him in the early days and I chose to defend Ziller but I was wrong and Lessman was right.

On your opinion about cooperation with

Ez Livin’

It was cool in the beginning but as I say Ziller showed his true colors.

Wicked Sensation

Great band great people.

Gypsy Rose

That album was my reintroduction to the music world I’m very proud of it.

Bangalore Choir

BC was my baby, after Accept I had momentum so I went to LA and formed the group we had offers from every label so I decided to sign with Warner Brothers. I think it’s one of my finest records I’ve made.


Good album.

Sainted Sinners

Well? I’m proud of the first record but the second not so much? Pane wanted to showcase more guitars on the second which to me was to much a drastic change from the first. Malte Frederik Burkert mixed and produced the second album and I think he made it sound great! But basically it’s a project album because Frank is in Bonfire so it never got a chance to be anything more sadly.

Sircle of Silence

Very cool stuff! I’m proud of those albums.

On your favorite project and solo album

I have to say Resilient Heart.

On most successful solo album and album of rest your projects besides Accept

Resilient Heart is most successful, and Compromise is second.

On your best vocal work ever

Again Resilient Heart, I really feel like I’ve expressed my voice on it. It’s also rare that I like every song on an album.

On mindset while creating such great hits as:

The Dead Shall Walk The Earth

Hmm? It came from the Walking dead series I think?

Tomorrow Never Comes

It’s something we all take for granted I think so I believe in giving everything everyday because nobody knows.

Angel In Black

That was written by Steve Plunkett, it’s about an evil woman who steals your heart and soul.

On bands you have listened to when you grow up

Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, UFO, and believe it or not old country music was my first love.

On influences on you as vocalist and songwriter

I like Phil Mogg he’s very good as a writer, Robert Plant also wrote great lyrics.

On your favorite heavy and power metal bands

I’m really fond of UDO right now he really knows how to stay heavy and the fans love him.

On your «dream band»

OH boy? Michael Shenker, Greg Chaisson, John Bonham and me.

On difference between US metal bands and EU metal bands on your opinion

EU bands are far more real in my opinion. America follows metal and copies the sound European bands and UK bands created true metal.

On evolution of heavy metal from 80-s to present times

Its sort of gone back in sound, an example would be Priest and Firepower.

On about what metal means for you

It’s a way of life, the sound, the smell, the fans. It’s a tribe of people who you can depend on. It’s really inspiring to see everyone while I’m onstage it’s a real natural high I can’t really explain?

On what are you like behind the scene/ Do you have families, hobbies, usually work, do you like alcohol?

I’m married, I have children, I’m a hunting dog enthusiast. I love working dogs and when you see a young dog come together it’s very satisfying. I’m also a hunter i love the outdoors. I’m also into ranching. As for alcohol I stopped drinking 7 months ago I feel great.

Bunch of questions about Accept period:

On about becoming ACCEPT singer

There was a woman named Lucy Forbes who gave a cassette to Dieter Dierks when he came to LA. I got the call from Hoffman one night it was very surreal?

On about leaving ACCEPT

Things weren’t going well at the time internally and I had an argument with one of the guys and slapped him. Looking back I regret it.

On work with Dieter Dierks

He’s great! I learned a lot from him about being a singer.

On guitar work of Wolf Hoffmann

He’s good.

On what Wolf Hoffmann is the person

I don’t know?

On probable contribution to the album Eat The Heat of Jim Stacey

Jim was just hired, I haven’t spoken to him since 1988?people ask about him but nobody seems to know where he is?

On your goals with the Eat The Heat

I don’t know? I was young eager to make it. I think without that album nobody would know me? It definitely opened many doors for me.

On failing concerts in USA with Accept

Well? The public weren’t happy about the change, UDO is the voice of Accept and the fans didn’t like that the band changed direction. Remember it was the band who hired me it was their choice.

On your favorite Eat The Heat songs

I love D train, XTC, Hell hammer, and Generation Clash.

On your opinion about new ACCEPT frontman, Mark Tornillo

I don’t have one honestly.

On changing the drummer Ken Mary at the end of the tour for Eat The Heat ACCEPT

Kaufman became ill, Ken Mary actually learned the show in a day and played he’s a great talent.

On your opinion about Ken Mary work

I don’t know much about him actually I think Alice Cooper and Winger correct!?

On probable ACCEPT influences in «Resilienet Heart»

I think what you hear is me, I probably have some in there? But I didn’t set out to sound or write like ETH.

On part and role of ACCEPT in your career

Again, I wouldn’t be here without that album. It’s only great response or bad no in between. It’s amazing that people now say they like it more than upon release? Also people ask me about it 30 years later and live when I play songs from it people love it. I suppose it says something about the songs?

On mindset during making of such hits of Accept as X-T-C and Generation Clash

Too be honest i was just doing what I thought the album needed because at the time I was very inexperienced. I think I got great results though I’m very proud of it.

On your opinion about this songs with Udo vocal

He’s a legend, I hold utmost respect for him.

Sometimes we have seen photos with you and Udo Dirkschneider together. Do you friend of him?

Yes, I’ve always said he’s treated me with respect and I treated him respectfully. He’s a true metal legend nobody can deny that. Sometimes I compare him to Lemmy in the metal world because I see the fans love for him every night.

On possible cooperation’s with (ex)Accept musicians for new projects in future

The only one I’d consider is Baltes.

On possible rerecording Accept hits

Hmmm? It’s actually been talked about. Who knows what the future holds?

On about best moments while being in Accept

Imagine a 27 year old kid joking the second largest rock group in Europe? That’s what I remember most.

Special powermetalforces question: Imagine as some big man said that heavy metal is dead. What did you replied on it?!:)

Their wrong, I am on tour playing sold out shows each night I see what’s happening. I think people who say that never go to shows and are negative. There’s a thriving metal market happening out there believe me.

Thank you very much for your answers! Do you want to tell something to your fans?

Thank you, only that I thank all of you for your support and hope to see everyone on that beautiful road of rocknroll soon!

Stay Resilient

Questions by Alex Frolov/Grave Digger