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Hello! It’s a big pleasure for me to talk to such masters of metal as Burning Witches! I think that female heavy metal in recent days very needs such act and I see Burning Witches as new Warlock of 2000s!

So what’s the latest news you can tell fans of band?

——Hello! This is Lala. Thanks for having us in your interview. Everything is doing well in Burning Witches. We are having a lot of show which is great because it helps us to explore our music.

What the plans for future?

——We will just continue what we started. Make good music and play more and more shows like Rockharz (DE), Baden in Blut (DE), Big Gun (RU), Wacken (DE), Layendas del Rock (ES), Summer Breeze (DE) and some others.

We are also working hard on songs for the new album, it’s a very exciting 2019.

Tell us, please

On possible future new album, its release date and expectations from its material

——We are currently making new songs for the next album and will be out early 2020. We also record new material for the fans to have a bite on how to expect the new album. For sure they will also going to like the new it. It will be awesome.

— on how band came to life

——Burning Witches was founded 2015 in Brugg, Switzerland. Its Romana’s dream to have an all female Band. She has another Band called Atlas and Axis but she’s the only female member there.

She started to look for the members and Jeanine Grob, her long time friend became the first official member. She then met Seraina Telli at a party. It clicked right away due to their musical abilities. After a long search and different auditions for a suitable drummer, they found me. Romana asked Alea Wyss to fill in the second Axe. But unfortunately, she left the band due to personal reasons and was replaced by Sonia Nusselder as a new member.

— on meaning of band name

——We cannot think of any other name. We are just five girls who are willing to burn in metal. That’s why we called ourselves Burning Witches.

— on influences of band music

——Our main influences as a band are Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

— on influences in singing

——Seraina have influences in Pop, Jazz and Metal like Christina Aguilera, Aretha Franklin and Rob Halford.

— on most successful live show

——We have many successful live shows but the most unforgettable one was in Bang Your Head Festival in Balingen Germany. Since it’s our first time to play in such a huge stage and we did not expect that we will have a good response from the people.

— on being on the road for making live shows in different cities and countries

——We have such a great time being in a road in the last tour with Grave Digger and was the longest time on the road ever. It was nice seeing different cities, meeting new people and spend a lot of time together as a team and have fun playing our own music.

— on your probable slogan of band

——“ Ready to fight !“. That is the intro of one of our first song we made.

— on work and role of Schmier in carrier and music of band

——Schmier is a long time friend if Romana together with her Husband Damir, the new second axe of Destruction. He is a Father, Brother and a friend for us, and such a nice guy with warm heart.

These guys are also our producer together with V.O Pulver.

We are so fortunate having these guys with us because they help us in so many ways and always there for us during our ups and downs.

— on main composers in band

——Romana is making all the riffs and melodies in the Band. Seraina is the one who make lyrics.

— on work with Nuclear Blast

——Working with Nuclear Blast is just simply amazing. We are like in a real family that help and support each other. They believe on us not just an all female band but a band that can deliver good refreshing music.

— on cooperation with Witchcraft museum in Switzerland

——We know a person in Witch Museum and allows us to shoot the „Hexenhammer“ video there.

— on cooperation with Operahouse of Zurich

——Romana‘s Father is working as an Opera singer in Opera House Zürich.

— on cooperation with Michael Buzek

—- Michael makes music videos for Burning Witches.

— on your favorite Switzerland heavy metal bands

——Our favorite is Gomorra. They are also our mentors and metal family.

— on Surrilium fate

——Seraina is no longer with Surrilium. She left the band when we are in the process of making our second album “Hexenhammer”.

Few words about main differences between present and past vocalist

— Seraina and Laura are both great singers in their own style. All singers have these special voice and differse from one another. Thats the reason that they dont sound the same. Some people can learn to sing but others are just born that way. It’s difficult for us to compare these two because they are both great. We are so happy to welcome Laura our new singer and wishing Seraina all the best in her future career.

Questions about «Hexenhammer»

Please describe music of «Hexenhammer» in couple of words!

——Hexemhammer Album has more 80s heavy metal roots with the touch of modern era. You will feel like you are back in the 80‘s once you listen to it.

— on writing and recording process of album

——Recorded in Little Creek Studio the same studio when we recorded our first album „Burning Witches“

— on lyrical concept

—- Lyrical concept is is based in Hexenhammer book, Witches Stories, Witches Myths, Own opinions and imagination.

— on cover art concept

——Album cover art is made by amazing Hungarian artist name Gyula. Concept idea is based in Hexenhammer Book which is a Witch Hunters Bible deals with persecution, execution, condemn and extermination of the Witches.

— on main person of its cover

——Main person in the cover was just an imaginary image as when she opens the book, the soul of the witches comes alive in a form of smoke.

— on who was involved in writing process of album

——Song riffs are made by Romana and lyrics is from Seraina. Damir and Schmier are also contributing for the songs arrangement.

— on possible influences of Warlock/Doro and Schmier projects

——As i mention before, our main influence in the band are Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Although some people are sometimes comparing us to Warlock. Schmier is our big mentor as a listener or as a band.

— on possible became more thrash metal

—— Burning Witches will maintain its identity. Our music is a mixture of Heavy and speed. Speed comes from our Thrash Metal influences.

— on how band progressed in compare with previous album

——We had a good start that catches attention in the Metal World. Maybe that’s the reason we have also a success in our second album Hexenhammer. We are fully motivated and want continue all the good things we started with a great dedication of our mind and soul to the music.

— on band mindset while creating:

1. The Witch Circle

——it’s the magical intro of the album that welcomes you to the our Witch circle with enchantment.

2. Executed

——Song about the last Witch of Switzerland name “ Anna Göldi“ and her harrowing life.

3. Lords of War

—- Song about being in a battle and continue to fight with all your courage.

4. Open Your Mind

——Its about racism and we have to help and support each other regardless of color, race and language.

5. Don’t Cry My Tears

——song about depression but it also encourages you to move on with your life at the same time.

6. Maiden of Steel

—- Tells about a powerful warrior who fights for her dreams and beliefs no matter how difficult obstacles you will encounter.

7. Dungeon of Infamy

—— Should convey the impression of what happened in the famous Witch Prison of Bamberg Germany.

8. Dead Ender

—— Its a song about Heinrich Kramer ( author of the book Hexenhammer) on his crusade against the Witches.

9. Hexenhammer

—— Song about Heinrich Kramer, a mob and crazy guy telling that the life of the Witches are worthless but to burn them alive.

10. Possession

—- This song has two meaning like being possessed by someone and you’re being a part of her possession in imaginary way.

11. Man-eater

——it’s a song about the Myth that Witches used to eat humans

Other questions

— on what heavy metal means for you

——Heavy metal is the baseline of many different genre of metal. Not that brutal but it’s so beautiful. It has all of the best ingredients to make it sound good to our ears. If it’s not for heavy metal, some genre of music nowadays will not exist. We owe a huge things to the bands that started this kind of music.

— on what are you like behind the scene: do you have families, hobbies, usually work, do you like alcohol?

——We are like others that need to work to support our private life and love to spend the precious time with our own Family. Trying to managed all of these during our busy days are sometimes a bit hard. We also have our own hobbies like cooking, riding horses, painting arts, making our own clothes and so on. Some of us don’t drink alcohol at all, like Romana. Others just drink occasionally.

— on role of social community such as Facebook in life of band

——Social media is one of the powerful tools nowadays to spread our music compare to the old times were we rely in magazines , fanzines, underground shows or recorded vhs tapes from the bands we want to see live. We are lucky enough to be born late and having all these tools of information to feed all the knowledge needed to be updated in music industry compare to the old days.

Special power metal forces question: Imagine as someone big tell you that heavy metal is dead! What did you replied on it?!

——The answer will be “not true”. Because there are still many bands who make Heavy Metal music and want to keep the tradition alive and even there will be no new metal bands making this kind of music, we can still listen to the legacy of those big bands that invented this beautiful music that contributed a huge thing in metal industry.

Ok! Thanks for answers! Please tell your fans everything that you have to tell

— We are so excited to play at “Big Gun Russia“. Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to play in your beautiful country. See you folks!

Questions by Grave digga